‘A party without cake, is just a meeting.’

Hi, I’m Dani and I run the Midnight Bakery. 

Baking started off as a hobby for me, a way to wind down after a busy day. But soon friends, colleagues and local businesses started asking for my cakes and commissioning personalised treats for special occasions. 

Based in West London, I’m as happy as can be whipping up a batch of yummy cupcakes, designing elaborate bespoke celebration cakes and catering for special occasions.

I firmly believe that a day with cake in it can’t be all that bad. My aim is to bring delight to your day with cakes you can share (or keep all to yourself!)

All my cakes are homemade and freshly baked to order. Please get in touch at a.midnight.bakery@gmail.com to place an order or discuss your ideas for a bespoke celebration cake or cupcakes.


Cupcakes - start from £1.20 each based on a minimum order of 12. Can be personalised with toppings, flavours and decorations.

Bespoke celebration cakes - start from £25. All designed to order and available in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Favourite bakes (my signature loaves and cakes) - £10 - £17

I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious cake and have a range of vegan and gluten free cakes available. If you have any other specific dietary requirements, just let me know and I’ll figure it out!